Saturday, 28 March 2009

Takuro Update

Thanks to Michael Pearson for another update on former Squirrel Takuro Nishimura's continuing trial with USL1 side Portland Timbers. On Friday the Timbers - including Nishimura - played a further pre-season friendly, a goalless draw with Portland University. Michael writes:

"Nishimura had a good game again this weekend. Played well at the back and even had two shots on goal, one of which needed to be tipped over. Really hoping he gets signed, he's looked good in three straight games, and I really think his physicality will be a huge plus in our league.

"Allison, the person who runs our board, [and who took the photo below], reported, 'I'd say he's still looking like one of the best players on the pitch. Very effective when he moves forward up the left side, and got in some good quality crosses. He's been very good at creating space and has been our best player at getting the ball into the attacking third. Second half he played back in defense on the left side where he was competent, but is more dangerous when he gets further forward.'"



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