Sunday, 19 April 2009

Day Of The Damned

Let me talk about me for a moment. My day started out with me running around Urawa looking for a place to pawn DVDs so I could scrape enough money up to get to Kawasaki. No... read that again, I PAWNED DVDs TO GO TO A SOCCER GAME. What does that make me? Am I the soccer equivalent of a heroin addict? God forbid they open up a plasma donation center near my house.

That was the high point of my day. I'm not so mad about the game itself. I could get into the specifics of Hayato Hashimoto not closing in on a cross, or the center four not getting back in a timely fashion, or Taishi Tsukamoto getting burned by the pacey Renatinho, but that would not be fair.

Today was a case of us being due for a whooping, plus a talented but erratic team playing up to their potential for 45 beautiful minutes of attacking football. I can't understand why Kawasaki doesn't play like that more often. When they take the initiative and push their style on other teams, nobody can compete with them. When I watch Kawasaki, I think that's the style that coach Jang Wae Ryong wants to implement.

No bile today. Over two years, Omiya managed to stay unbeaten in ten consecutive league games, going 5-5-0. Nice job considering that we had many different line-ups. Time to start a new unbeaten streak and Albirex Niigata next weekend is a good match-up for us.

Three Stars

1. Naoki Ishihara - Referee Mr Iemoto really allowed Ishihara to get manhandled by the Kawasaki back two, but he still managed to get one goal and take one dangerous chance.

2. Chikara Fujimoto at forward and Tomoya Uchida on the side - I thought this was the the exact right line-up to go with. At sixty minutes, when Uchida came out and Daisuke Watabe (and Renatinho) came in, Kawasaki really took over.

3. The seagull - In a perfectly-timed moment of bowel evacuation, a seagull managed to hit me with a payload of excrement right as Iemoto blew the final whistle. It hit me in the back, splattering a putrid collection of white and brown bird feces all down my back with a shot that was even more pinpoint than Juninho's goal at the end of the game. Bravo to you, bird. Bravo.

Might as well end with the poop.

Orange! Crappy!!!!!!! Football!



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