Sunday, 7 June 2009

A Statistics Lesson From Agent Orange

Armed only with a battered old solar-powered pocket calculator, a pile of post-it notes and a brain the size of Saturn, our very own Agent Orange has been busying himself with a statistical analysis Ardija's season to date. More specifically, the focus of our man's academic interest has been to determine the plus / minus figures for each squad member: the total number of goals scored and conceded during the whole time that each player has been on the pitch, as a means of measuring their relative value or effect upon team results, or something.

For example, starlet and long-term injury victim Masahiko Ichikawa made an appearance during a handful of matches at the start of the season and in the time that he was on the field, Omiya scored seven goals and let in only two. This gives Ichikawa a plus / minus score of, yes indeed, +5, putting him at the top of the list. So how has everyone else performed? Here are the numbers from J1 games only.

Ichikawa +5
Fukuda 0
Hato 0
Fujita -1
Kanazawa -1
Murayama -1
Saito -1
Tokita -1
Uchida -1
Arai -2
Fujimoto -2
Kobayashi Y -2
Lavric -2
Park -2
Watabe -2
Hashimoto -3
Tsukamoto -3
Ezumi -4
Kataoka -4
Neretljak -4
Tomita -4
Ishihara -5
Denis Marques -6

Any conclusions to draw or oddities to note? Well, aside from Ichikawa himself being the only player to have a positive score thanks to the good results that the Squirrels were achieving at the time when he was in the side, it's striking that defender Yasuhiro Hato has managed to get himself on to level par, while star forwards Naoki Ishihara and Denis Marques have scores of -5 and a -6 respectively. Nabisco Cup stuff to follow.



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