Tuesday, 21 July 2009

More Good News For Dudu

Not really. What's actually meant here is more bad news for Ardija's new striker. Because the official website is reporting that Dudu picked up a leg injury in Sunday's training match with JFLers Yokogawa Musashino and will be out of action for two weeks. With a key game against Vissel Kobe coming at the weekend, let's just hope that Yoshihito Fujita is fit.



Agent Orange,  22 July 2009 at 15:50  

Looks like Duk L'Orange will be getting a run in midfield against Vissel

Furtho 22 July 2009 at 16:40  

That just paranoia speaking, AO?

Agent Orange,  22 July 2009 at 16:59  

That is what both WSM and WSD are predicting

Hashimoto (not sure if he is inside or outside)
The usual 5

If I was paranoid, I'd say it's a back 4 of Tokita,Murayama,Kataoka, and Arai

Furtho 22 July 2009 at 17:23  

Ignore me, I'm just not tuned in to the guy's name yet. I thought it was just some form of random abuse of six-pack.

Agent Orange,  22 July 2009 at 17:32  

Don't get me wrong, I'm always paranoid that 6 pack will weasel his way back in the starting 11

As long as he has a contract, he's always a threat to play

Furtho 22 July 2009 at 17:39  

Oh, that's understood.

Omiya Fan,  22 July 2009 at 21:18  

Is Chikara not banned?

Agent Orange,  22 July 2009 at 21:29  

Not yet

Did you see the picture in El Golazo Monday of him pulling Hirayamas shirt over his head when he was doing his stall/tantrum

Okada never told him to tuck in his shirt,It seemed like everytime we had a free kick Okada would stop play and make us tuck in our shirts

Mato, Fujita, and Park are right on the edge of banning as well so if we get someone like Iemoto as a ref, it's possible Arai and Aoki could get some playing time in Niigata

Furtho 22 July 2009 at 22:47  

Have I made a mistake with his number of yellow cards, or is Chikara's availability something to do with the suspension following his Nabisco Cup red card? I'm not sure how the cup and the league relate to each other on this.

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