Tuesday, 25 August 2009

GGOA Reader Survey! Vote Vote Vote!

The Mighty Squirrels have a week in which to prepare for their next match against runaway leaders Kashima Antlers and as Agent Orange pointed out in his latest piece, Ardija will go into that game knowing that they have recently missed several opportunities to pick up what would have been key wins. Any slip-ups now and the gap between Omiya and the three teams in the relegation zone will begin to look much to narrow for comfort; this is of course what happens when you fail to win home matches against sides lower in the table.

So with Jang Wae Ryong's season poised in the balance, now seems a good time to bring back an old GGOA feature - a readers' survey. And it's a simple enough question to be answered: in which position do readers feel that Omiya Ardija will finish the 2009 season? The survey can be found on the top right-hand side of this page and there are six possible answers. Readers have until kick-off time against Kashima on Saturday to vote.



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