Monday, 31 August 2009

GGOA Readers' Survey: The Squirrel Nation Speaks

It is difficult to know which is more exciting or which constitutes the greater triumph. Because immediately after the Mighty Squirrels' astonishing defeat of J1 leaders and reigning champions Kashima Antlers on Sunday - described with just a tinge of patronising disrespect in the Daily Yomiuri as "the biggest upset of the 2009 J-League season" - comes news of the glorious return of the GGOA Readers' Survey.

Yes, the Kashima clash may have taken place in a pulsating Omiya Koen atmosphere, featured three stunning Ardija goals and Man Of The Match performances from every part of the Omiya team. But such evanescent triflings have to be measured against the fact that the Readers' Survey has quickly emerged as a telling, authoritative and above all statistically valid barometer of the mood amongst supporters in the Orange half of Saitama.

The survey simply asked Ardija fans where they predict that Omiya will finish in the J1 standings this season, providing six alternative answers. No fewer than nineteen people responded, making this at least anecdotally the most popular survey ever organised by GGOA. Of these nineteen, a big majority felt that Jang Wae Ryong would lead his team to finish just above the relegation zone. The full survey results, however, are as follows:

12 votes: between 13th - 15th
3 votes: 10th - 12th
2 votes: 7th - 9th
1 vote: 1st - 3rd
1 vote: 16th - 18th
0 votes: 4th - 6th

Thanks to all those who participated in the survey.



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