Sunday, 6 September 2009

Readers' Survey - Vote Vote Vote!

Time for another GGOA Readers' Survey, and another simple question: what was the best goal Ardija scored in the first half (i.e. games J1 #1 to J1 #17) of the 2009 season? Details of the six contenders and links to the relevant Youtube clips are below; you can vote in the right-hand panel.

1. Naoki Ishihara's sneaky far post header from Hayato Hashimoto's corner. H v Vissel Kobe in J1 #3 @ 2m 45' here.

2. Taishi Tsukamoto's rocket of a free kick. A v Kashiwa Reysol in J1 #4 @ 1m 29' here.

3. Naoki Ishihara's roll-it-home finish from a beautiful Chikara Fujimoto through pass. A v Kawasaki Frontale in J1 #6 @ 0m 58' here.

4. Tomoya Uchida's powerful curled free kick. A v FC Tokyo in J1 #9 @ 0m 51' here.

5. Yoshihito Fujita's improvised overhead hooked shot. A v Nagoya Grampus in J1 # 12 @ 0m 7' here.

6. Mato Neretljak's header after Daisuke Tomita brilliantly deflects a Hashimoto free kick. H v Kyoto in J1 #14 @ 0m 23' here.



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