Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Return Of Agent Orange

Have you got it yet? I know I do! You know that feeling that you get right in the bottom of your stomach? I cannot put it into words so much as show you an example. Enjoy!

In past years, I could analyze the plusses and minuses of former manager strategies. I could wrap my head around what the problems were. Toshiya Miura was too reliant on big names past their prime. Robert Verbeek was averse to offense and had a woefully inadequate roster. Satoru Sakuma was not a coach so much as a caretaker. Yasuhiro Higuchi was scared to death of failure.

This guy, though, is a whole different thing. After 36 games, I cannot say that he has the team going in the right direction. I cannot say that he has the team going in the wrong direction. I think the players have fully have bought into his system; however, I am not quite sure they know what his system is. I have seen some of the best and worst football this team has ever played and I do not know how to adequately judge the Jang Wae Ryong era.

You look at the Kohei Tokita debacle that is currently playing out, or as I like to put it Park Deux. Seriously, he has been really bad at the side back position, but there is some sense to it. He has speed. Then you glimpse the guy next to him in the back four... a guy I have mercilessly slammed for years and you have to say that has been a good call. Yosuke Kataoka would not be my first choice at center back, but he has been solid. He actually looks like a J1 player.

So how do you judge Jang? How do you judge a guy in a year where fifth and fifteenth have been separated by a couple of results for most of the year? We are in a very dangerous position right now. Two games up with five to play is a huge trap. In my head, I look at the bottom three and think that there is no way that we are going to drop. JEF United has one win at home. Kashiwa Reysol has not been able to start the same eleven twice in who knows how long. Oita Trinita is on a nice little tear but are one point away from being dead. So why am I petrified? This guy is dangerous and I am not sure that he is not smarter than all of us combined. He might get us killed.

Kawasaki Frontale Game Notes

I am a little rusty on giving my analysis of games. Before last Saturday, I had not watched any games in about a month. Had no clue what was going on. My quick impressions were...

1. that Kataoka was rusty after the lay-off

2. that the official was out of hand; Juninho was offside and the second call was soft

3. that Chong Tese is really a beast. Two goals and two PK calls was something to behold. He was a monster... the second goal saw him manhandle Mato Neretljak.

4. finally, that Koji Ezumi might be the best keeper in Japan at stopping penalties. Not many can do it and I have seen him shut down four.

One last comment. A crowd of 42,000 was something to behold for a non-Urawa game, even if half of those were discounts and giveaways. And I am not sure who the two old people were with the really shocking afros, but I hope they do not come back because they scared me. Creepy.

Tomorrow is derby day... my least favorite day of the season!

As always, Orange! Fuck!! Urawa!!!



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