Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ardija Undone By Late Strike

J1 Game 31/34, Sun 08 Nov 09

Omiya Ardija 0-1 Sanfrecce Hiroshima

0-1 Takahagi 87'

GK Ezumi
DF Tokita (Tomita 88')
DF Kataoka
DF Neretljak
DF Hato
MF Kanazawa
MF Hashimoto
MF Fujimoto
MF Uchida
FW Rafael
FW Ishihara

Subs not used

GK Shimizu
MF Aoki
MF Seo
MF Park
FW Ichikawa
FW Fujita


Y Kanazawa 26'
Y Uchida 54'
YY=R Kanazawa 58'



AgentOrange,  8 November 2009 at 22:05  

Anybody care to tell our idiot manager that we usually win this time of year?

I never want to see Kohei Tokita play another match as a defender again. There were 4 guys on the field tonight who I would not be bothered at all if they took their cleats elsewhere next year. Oh yeah, thank you Shimizu for singlehandedly putting us back into relegation danger with your piss poor play today

Anonymous,  8 November 2009 at 22:34  

shame ... Yuki and Jang Wae violate our club for a long time ... they do not only think how to take money from players' transfers .. no games, no nothing ... just money by Yuki and Jang Wae spend and charge their own pockets ... .. shame on our club works Mafia ... shame ..

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