Sunday, 27 December 2009

Ardija Blog Round-up

Just to mention briefly some interesting Omiya-related blog posts. Daigo Kobayashi writes here that he is back in Japan for the holiday season and has no confirmed plans as to where he will play in 2010. He attended a party with current Ardija players Koji Ezumi, Hayato Hashimoto and Tomoya Uchida, plus former Squirrel Hiroshi Morita; there's a photo of the event on Hashimoto's blog, here (why does captain Chikara Fujimoto never attend these types of event? Hmmm). Last but not least, friend of GGOA kenjifootball has given a personal verdict on Omiya's 2009 Player Of The Year on his Kansen Bibouroku blog, here.



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