Friday, 15 January 2010

GGOA Slogan Announcement!!

Some people feel that targets are a good thing. They help to clarify aims and objectives, providing a simple line in the sand against which success or failure can be measured and understood by all. The J-League believes in targets and it's frequently via the adoption of annual slogans that member clubs communicate their ambitions for the year ahead. Ardija are no exception to this rule and, indeed, over the years have had some classic slogans. 2002's Do It For J1!, for example, was so successful that it was used again in 2003; 2007's Shinka was followed swiftly by Shinka Next in 2008.

Last season under coach Jang Wae Ryong, the Squirrels' hoped-for surge to the Asian Champions League was encapsulated by the phrase Aggressive Shift 2009 - although it would appear that an unfortunate typing error must have confused players and coach alike, as the ACL qualification spots were missed by fully nine places. Here at GGOA, we like targets too. And while the official 2010 Omiya slogan is just about to be released, having followed the Squirrels for many seasons and watched closely the comings and goings this winter, we ourselves feel qualified to define an appropriate aim for the year ahead.

This being the case, GGOA is proud to announce its very own Ardija 2010 slogan. Our choice treads the at-times difficult-to-negotiate line between realism, excitement and engagement. It offers players and fans the hope that Omiya will, with Jang's new-look squad, achieve their highest-ever J1 finish. Better than last year's measly thirteenth. Better than their highest finish to date - twelfth. Yes, it's got a real ring to it. So come on, Squirrels. We know you can do it. We have faith that together we can reach the heights of just below mid-table. Let's hear it for... TENTH IN '10!!



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