Saturday, 30 January 2010

GGOA Survey Results: The 2010 Squad

The first GGOA Readers' Survey of the year has given an indication as to how Squirrels fans feel about coach Jang Wae Ryong's squad for 2010. After the departure of players such as Yasuhiro Hato and Daisuke Tomita, together with Masato Saito's retirement, there have been a good many changes at Omiya over the close season, most notably in the defence with the arrival of Yuki Fukaya and Kazuhiro Murakami. The GGOA Survey therefore asked the question, How does the 2010 squad compare with 2009? Most voters felt that there has been no significant change, in spite of all the activity in the transfer market, while some expressed the view that Jang and General Manager Haruo Yuuki have brought about a small improvement.

The full survey results are as follows:

Q. How does the 2010 squad compare with 2009?

A1. It's about the same (73%)
A2. It's a bit better (27%)



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