Sunday, 28 February 2010

GGOA Readers' Survey - Where Will We Finish?

The second GGOA Readers' Survey of the year has clarified how Squirrels fans feel about the likely outcome of the season ahead. With the general view being that coach Jang Wae Ryong has made a modest improvement to the squad as compared with 2009, although the vote is split the largest single response would suggest that Ardija supporters feel that GGOA's own slogan for the year - TENTH IN '10!! - is indeed a realistic target. 37% of voters expressed the view that Omiya would finish in the tenth-to-twelfth range. Nobody felt that the Squirrels have a chance of a top three spot, while 12% thought that in the relegation zone is the most probable final placing.

The full survey results are as follows:

Q. Where will Ardija finish in J1 2010?

A. 1st - 3rd 0%
4th - 6th 8%
7th - 9th 16%
10th - 12th 37%
13th - 15th 25%
16th - 18th 12%



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