Friday, 17 September 2010


GGOA will be taking a short break and will be back for the FC Tokyo game a week on Saturday.



SMB 19 September 2010 at 18:22  


Kashima wins 3-0 on a Marquinhos Hat trick......2 of them were even onsides!

Omiya receives 5 yellow cards in the game pushing them up to a gaudy 44 yellows and 5 reds for the year. I believe we only trail Kawasaki, Kyoto, and Kobe.....wait a minute, Omiya doesn't start with a K!

Kanazawa does though, and since he received his 4th yellow this year (fouling an offsides Marquinhos BTW.....) he will be out for the crucial game against FC Bedwetter in Chofu. Ahh but Fear Not, Lee Ho or as I like to call him, Kankokuoka will be on to thouroughly kill any hopes we have of 3 points.

Today's training match between the Omiya and FC Tokyo was an enthralling one indeed with a 1-0 score clinched by the magic feet of forgotten man Fujita. No Uchida again for this one.

Again, next week in FC Tokyo.....Glad I have work or else I'd be there....extremely pissed off.

SMB 19 September 2010 at 18:43  

Did I also mention that Omiya now sits in 14th place with today's epic win by Vegalta in the Michinoku Derby (Michinoku is roughly translated into "Battle between two teams who play dirtier than us but don't receive half the cards that we do because the J League and probably God hates us).

Kobe tied in their first game without Toshiya Miura, who will probably end up coaching JEF Chiba if they flounder in their battle for J1 ascension. Kyoto tied Albirex as well, ironically both Kansai teams got red cards in the games.

Meanwhile it was a bad day all around for Kanto teams struggling to stay afloat. Shonan Bellmare were pummeled 6-1 by Kawasaki, in a game that probably wasn't that close (Seriously.....28 shots and 16 corners for Kawasaki in the game). Finally, Not defending Nabisco Cup champs FC Tokyo were so enraged by banners mocking their chances for relegation by Urawa that they stormed out to a 2-1 loss to fellow strugglers Jubilo. Naohiro Ishikawa scored his first goal of the season....just in time for him to go off and get another hat trick against us. Thanks Jubilo!

BTW....FC Tokyo just canned Jofuku.

Other info to keep you snuggly

During our time in J1 we have yet to get a hat trick

We have however allowed a few

2006 at Komaba Keita Sugimoto does the trick for Nagoya

2008 at NACK 5 Yusuke Murakami does the job in his first ever J League game

2009 Naohiro Ishikawa mocks Kataoka and the rest of us with a virtual shower of goals

2010 Marquinhos does the job.

Nerdy 19 September 2010 at 21:45  

Here`s to an 18-0 Omiya victory!! C`mon The Squirrels!!

SMB 24 September 2010 at 20:11  


If you believe El Golazo, our big fragile Brazilian scoring machine will indeed get the start tomorrow versus them.......El Golazo has an 11 featuring Kitano, Murakami, Tsubouchi, Mato, Norio, KANKOKUOKA, Aoki, Kanakubo, Captain Fantastic, Lee Chun Soo, and Rafael. Yahoo has Ishihara getting the start and Rafael nowhere to be found.

From the website.....

Omiya youth player Shotaro Kudo was promoted to the big team. Kudo, a 181cm 66kg DF has partnered with Keisuke Kimura to anchor a pretty solid Omiya youth back line. The pair have worked together in both Prince League play and Adidas cup to lead the team to some fairly respectable results. Kudo will be on a level 2 contract, which means he won't be considered a pro and is still eligible for next years youth squad......Taisuke Miyasaki currently is on a contract like that. This year, you will probably see at least two signings from the youth team.

Finally, the suspense is over! Omiya announced that they indeed will take on Yokohama F Marinos in a clash to the death! Come out and see Yoshihito Fujita, An Yong HAK, Koji Ezumi, and the rest of the guys who won't be playing tomorrow take on a bunch of anonymous Marinos players peppered with youth. 11am at Marinos Town.....SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY.....BE THERE! looks as if everybody will be seated on one side of Saitama 2002 for the clash between us and REDFILTH. Yeah, let's make this game even more uncomfortable! Nice job Watanabe! You're an ass!

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