Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lee Chun Soo Interview

Thanks to Asian football expert and Blackburn Rovers supporter John Duerden for kindly providing the following translation of a South Korean press interview that Squirrels forward Lee Chun Soo did last week.

"It is comfortable here at Omiya. I’ve played overseas for a long time and this is the most comfortable I have felt with the coach, staff and everyone making me feel relaxed and at home. Despite the fact that [South Korea and Japan] are right next to each other, the fans and the systems are different and there are many things for me to learn. I am very thankful to Omiya for giving me a chance to play. I know it's true [that I haven't scored many goals]. I wanted to score lots, but it hasn't worked out that way. Even so, my target is to perform well for my team and I am satisfied with that.

"For the first six months, my target was to show people that Lee Chun Soo could still play. When I went to Europe, I always strained myself at first in order to make a good first impression, but I failed. I didn’t want to repeat that in Japan. This season I will do my best and aim to do better next year and the year after that. We haven’t had any discussions about a new contract yet; there has been some talk with other J-League teams but no decision has been made. I want to play in Japan for another two or three years [the impression is by all accounts that Chun Soo wants to stay at Omiya - Ed]."

Thanks again to John, who can be followed on Twitter @JohnnyDuerden.



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