Saturday, 6 November 2010

Relegation: The Remaining Games

A quick look at the remaining fixtures for the five J1 teams who are realistically involved in the battle to avoid sixteenth place. It's noticeable how similar their recent results are: from their last five games, FC Tokyo have eight points, Omiya and Sendai have seven, Yamagata and Kobe have six. Which way is it going to go?

12. Yamagata 35 (-14) last five games: WLLWL

14 Nov H v Cerezo
20 Nov A v Jubilo
23 Nov H v Kyoto
27 Nov A v FC Tokyo
04 Dec H v Kashima

13. Sendai 34 (-6) LWDWL

14 Nov H v Jubilo
20 Nov H v S-Pulse
23 Nov A v Niigata
27 Nov A v Hiroshima
04 Dec H v Kawasaki

14. Omiya 31 (-11) WLLDW

10 Nov A v Shonan
14 Nov A v Nagoya
20 Nov A v Kyoto
23 Nov H v Kobe
27 Nov H v Niigata
04 Dec A v Marinos

15. FC Tokyo 29 (-4)WLDWD

14 Nov A v Marinos
20 Nov H v Kawasaki
23 Nov A v Nagoya
27 Nov H v Yamagata
04 Dec A v Kyoto


16. Kobe 29 (-13) LLLWW

14 Nov A v Niigata
20 Nov H v Kashima
23 Nov A v Omiya
27 Nov H v S-Pulse
04 Dec A v Urawa



Spireite 6 November 2010 at 21:51  

Kobe and Tokyo have harder run ins. 3 wins starting Wednesday and we should be ok.

Furtho 6 November 2010 at 22:35  

Welcome to you, Spireite. I agree that three wins really ought to have us safe - but three wins from six matches when up until now we've only won eight in 28? Kobe probably have the hardest run-in, but from somewhere they've probably found the best form of all the contenders.

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