Sunday, 6 March 2011

GGOA Readers' Survey: Omiya In J1 2011

There are now just hours to go to Omiya Ardija's 2011 kick off at Kashima Antlers and as such, it's the perfect time to report on the results of the last pre-season GGOA Readers' Survey. Over the last few days, visitors to the site have been voting on the simplest of questions: Where will Omiya finish in J1 2011? The Squirrels have been almost embarrassingly consistent in their six previous top division campaigns, ending up between twelfth and fifteenth every year; for this season, the club have targeted fifty points, which amounts to six more than the current best in 2006. Last year, for the record, fifty points would have meant a ninth-placed finish.

So how do Ardija fans think that the year will go? Well, survey results show that very nearly 75% of respondents expect the Squirrels either to equal or improve upon 2010's twelfth place; 4% anticipate a top-three spot and, miracle of miracles, no-one thinks we'll get relegated. Go Ardija! Here are the full survey results:

Q. Where will Omiya finish in J1 2011?

1. 10th-12th place 43%
2. 7th-9th 30%
3. 13th-15th 17%
4.= 1st-3rd 4%
4.= 4th-6th 4%
6. 16th-18th 0%



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