Friday, 5 August 2011

Readers' Survey: Vote Now!

The arrival at Omiya of Rodrigo Pimpao raises questions about how the Squirrels are going to get the goals throughout the second half of the J1 2011 season. Up to now Rafael has scored a few but missed a lot, Lee Chun Soo has shown flashes of brilliance but streaks of something else, young Keigo Higashi has contributed a handful from midfield and last year's main marksman Naoki Ishihara has found it hard to make an impact from the bench.

So how will things go between now and the start of December? Will Rodrigo make a big impact, or will Rafael or one of the other struggling strikers hit a run of form? Yes, it all seems to point towards another GGOA Readers' Survey - and this time the questions is, Who will be Omiya's top J1 scorer in 2011? This one will be open for only a few days, so head on over to the box on the right-hand side of this page and vote now!



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