Sunday, 2 October 2011

Agent Orange: Best Game Ever!

Wow, just got back from NACK5 Stadium and boy am I pumped from that performance! WOOO! Seriously a TON of positives to take out of today's game against Avispa Fukuoka!

1. I love me some reffing! Hoooo boy, Takuto Okabe and his crew were ON FIRE! Thirteen calls in the first ten minutes. Kyoji Ishikawa put his flag up against Omiya a whopping twelve times! Including nullifying a goal in the fifth minute! Sweet, baby, that's why the fans come to games! Hooooo boy!

2. Free upgrades from category three to category two! There's nothing that gets me more psyched than free giveaways! Especially ones that screw people who paid good money for more expensive seats, only to see them given away to people not paying face value. Stupid category two people! Move over! (Just checked my ticket... I'm in category two... Awww FUCK ME!)

3. Great plan by Jun Suzuki to rest most of the starters in the meaningless Nabisco Cup game against Urawa Reds by playing guys like Chikara Fujimoto a full ninety minutes in midweek! I'm sure we'll come out on fire against Avispa! 

4. Oooooh, lineup surprise! Keigo Higashi has a cold and he's out for... CHIKARA FUJIMOTO? Awww FUCK ME!

5. Hey, Chikara scores a goal! Oh no, flag's up!  Sweeeet, reffing is what I come to games for!

6. There is nothing more magnificent than watching Kim Young Gwon and Yosuke Kataoka look on with childlike wonder as an attacking player runs right past them with the ball. The only thing better than that is Kataoka moving left, then right, then left again before making a sideways pass, like a dog going around in circles before laying down.

7. Here's a funny story. In the last six games Omiya lost 2-0 to Gamba Osaka, lost 2-0 to Urawa Reds, tied Cerezo Osaka 0-0 in Kumagaya, beat Kashiwa Reysol 3-1, lost to Urawa 2-1 (on a Ranko Despotovic brace no less) and lost 2-0 to Fukuoka. I went to five of them, can you guess the game I didn't go to?

8. There seems to be a theory going around that Avispa's win over Sanfrecce Hiroshima was "fixed" because Hisato Sato whiffed on a sure goal and Kohei Morita made a stupid play that led to the Avispa game winner. Obviously this game was fixed too because Omiya has screwed up a bunch of chances and Kataoka and Kim are making stupid decisions in the back. What a relief... all this time I thought it was just bad players... it's actually CORRUPTION!

9. Ken Matsushima thought that the official in the game against Kashiwa was biased in our favor. He brought up a good point that Nobutsugu Murakami usually gives straight reds to people when he grants penalty kicks. It would have been a great point if Murakami actually was the ref in that game. Alas, it was Junpei Iida! Hey, you remember Junpei Iida, don't you? He's the same ref that gave Vegalta Sendai a PK when Yuki Fukaya fouled Kodai Watanabe's hands with his back. Or when Omiya scored a goal against FC Tokyo that didn't count, even though the keeper was pulling it out of the back of the net. Or his performance against Shimizu S-Pulse where he let Naohiro Takahara assist him in reffing (and gave Lee Chun Soo a card... actually that kind of helped us).

So yeah, Junpei Iida... despite two PKs,  a red card and a non-goal goal, he's definitely in the bag for Omiya. Rafael gets his plant foot taken out on a clear shot in the box today by Daiki Niwa and no call. Here's my question. If you are a ref and you favor one team over another, wouldn't it be easier to do what Takuto Okabe did and just ignore the foul instead of giving the team you're against a chance to tie with a PK? Just a thought.

10. Second half and Ishikawa is obviously tired from all the times he held up the flag in the first half. Only does it once and it stops an Omiya break. He's from Tottori so he's obviously biased against Omiya. It's historical fact that Tottorians hate Saitama. Something about witchcraft. I'm not quite sure but it's in a book somewhere. Tottorians... PISH POSH!

11. If Kohei Morita was trying to lose the game last week, does that mean when he scored against us, he was trying to win the game? Cause that makes no sense at all. God, he's like an evil genius!

12. Hayato Hashimoto is still on the team?

13. Game over. Not only are we the only team to not get a single point from last place Fukuoka, we're the only team to lose at home to them. That's a double that's worth celebrating! Almost as useless as winning the Nabisco Cup!

14. I bought the gray sweatjacket after the game. Biggest size and I can't get the zipper to connect. Almost as good a buy as the season ticket!

15. Watching Rodrigo Pimpao blow another open shot, I had a thought. Would Shintaro Shimizu really be that much worse? I liked the fifteen minutes he played against the Reds. He did much more than Pimpao, Chikara or Hayato and they played far more. Do you think Suzuki is trying to get fired? Or trying to prove a point that we don't have enough good players? Or is he just an awful coach?

16. Got consoled after the loss by Miya-chan, the female Omiya mascot that looks like Haruna the transsexual. It was a nice moment between a foreign guy and a gender-confused squirrel.

17. The good news is I made a decision not to watch us lose to another Fukuoka team next week in Kumagaya. The better news is I won't have to deal with the mouth-breathers from North Tokyo, er, I mean Kawaguchi, er, Urawa.




Nerdy 2 October 2011 at 09:33  

Now THAT is a rant! Superb.

Anonymous,  2 October 2011 at 14:54  

Some good reading right there!

The goal ruled out for offside certainly looked ok to me, and we would have crumbled if it was awarded.

The penalty, I thought was a good tackle, but watching my recording it started to look more and more like a stonewall penalty.

The Nabisco Cup curse might be getti ng to you.

Did yiu see what it was that sent our manager apoplectic at fulltime?

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