Saturday, 21 July 2012

GGOA Readers' Survey: Vote Now!

We're just over half way through the 2012 season and in many ways up to now it has been a normal Omiya campaign - that curious combination of the tempestuous and tedious that characterises life as a Squirrels fan. Jun Suzuki began his third year as Ardija coach but despite delivering yet another Saitama Derby win over Urawa Reds he was fired within three months, as Omiya sat in their traditional position just outside the relegation zone.

Zdenko Verdenik was Suzuki's shock replacement, a man with decade-old J-League experience but whose most recent employment appears to have been as an academic at a university in Ljubljana. Since his arrival Verdenik has made a major impact off the field, moving quickly to sell both Kim Young Gwon and fan favourite Rafael, but his results don't look all that different to those achieved by his predecessor: five points from five league games so far.

So who would Squirrels fans like to see in charge? Has Verdenik done enough to show that he's the man to take Omiya forward? Did Jun Suzuki deserve more of a chance? Or should Ardija have appointed someone else? It's time for another GGOA Readers' Survey, so you can have your say on the matter by going to the right-hand panel of this page and voting! 



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