Friday, 9 January 2009

Mato Signs, Other Things Also Happen

On a big day for Omiya, the club have confirmed the transfer of key defender Mato Neretljak from K-League outfit Suwon Samsung Bluewings. The 29-year-old Croatian international is a giant 1m 91 cm tall and has for the last three seasons been rated as one of the top players in Korea. The possibility of a dream tie-up with Japan international Yuji Nakazawa in the centre of the Squirrels defence has therefore moved a step closer to becoming reality.

Meanwhile Tomoya Uchida has made permanent his 2008 season-long loan from Yokohama FC. The diminutive midfielder initally found it difficult to make an impact with the Squirrels, but came good in the latter stages of the campaign when he made the left-side berth his own as Chikara Fujimoto moved up front to partner Klemen Lavric. The highlight of Uchida's year was undoubtedly the superb goal scored in the Emperor's Cup match against Nagoya Grampus.

Two additions to the pre-season calendar have also been made. The squad will make their traditional visit to Hikawa Shrine for the annual prayer ceremony on 23 January, while the highlight of Agent Orange's year occurs on 17 January, with the press conference to announce the launch of Ardija's new slogan and uniform for the 2009 season.



Omiya Fan,  9 January 2009 at 21:20  

Interested to see him play though I won't get to see the full season sadly!

Does Agent Orange know the price of the shirt?

It works out to be about 120 quid!!!
You can get a Category 4 season ticket with change left over for that!

Furtho 9 January 2009 at 21:30  

The exchange rate is notably horrific at the moment, though, OF.

I heard last year that the move from replica to authentic shirts had been very successful as far as the club were concerned: they sold their largest number of shirts ever in 2008, despite the higher cost.

Omiya Fan,  9 January 2009 at 21:36  

Who's Next?

Nakazawa? I'd be ecstatic but not sure he'd come.

We need a left back and a creative midfielder.

I'd be happy with our shopping if that lot comes off.

Furtho 9 January 2009 at 21:44  

Saturday is make your mind up day for Nakazawa. It would be arguably the coup of the close season if they got him.

Omiya Fan,  9 January 2009 at 23:16  

Play of heart and hard!
Do It Now!
Go For It!
Do it for J1!
Do it for J1!
Challenge Zero?
Omiya Express
Shinka Next

All of our slogans since 1999 courtesy of a very interesting Ole Ardija tonight. I just saw myself on the telly with Crusher!

SMB 9 January 2009 at 23:31  

Are you going to happy, happy, fan day on the 24th OF? I gotta give you the book before you go away for good.

great offseason so far....haven't been disappointed with one move yet. now if we can get the bomber and that kid from Maebashi, I think we are ok.

I'm starting to get the impression that we're gonna go 3-5-2 or 3-4-1-2. Don't know why but I just feel it's coming.

Omiya Fan,  9 January 2009 at 23:35  

Me and junior will no doubt be there. Who is the "Maebashi kid"?

Furtho 10 January 2009 at 00:01  

How is Crusher, by the way?

Talking of seeing people on TV, there was a gaijin couple in Category 4 at the Kyoto game - the guy was wearing a replica (nay authentic) shirt. Ring any bells with anyone?

Furtho 10 January 2009 at 11:34  

Looks like Nakazawa has delayed his decision until the 13th or 14th.

Omiya Fan,  10 January 2009 at 16:19  

Crusher doesn't respond to my e-mails - maybe he's trying to tell me something!
We've apparently offered him more money over a longer period of time - I'm starting to feel more confident now.

Furtho 10 January 2009 at 20:37  

Kobe seem to have faded from the scene a little bit. Fingers crossed for the middle of the week.

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