Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kota Update

Many thanks indeed to Vendo at the superb for the following update on a former Squirrel now terrorising the defences of J2.

"Kota Yoshihara has fit in fairly well at Mito, thanks to his previous playing relationship with Hollyhock coach Takashi Kiyama (the two played together at Sapporo). So far he's scored an average of one goal per seven matches, but more importantly he is very speedy and motivated, so his pressing and chasing down loose balls adds a lot to Mito's possession percentage. He's also become fairly popular, and I know at least two female admirers who travel from Saitama to see each game. There could be more, of course. All in all, he isn't a star forward or a player who controls the game, but he's in a situation where his talents are put to good use and he is appreciated by the club and fans."



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