Tuesday, 1 March 2011

GGOA Readers' Survey: The Best New Player

Over the last few days we have been running the first GGOA Readers' Survey of the year. Simply enough, we asked which of Ardija's half-dozen new signings was likely to be the best - and the result of the vote is clear indeed. Squirrels supporters expect that former Jubilo Iwata midfielder Kota Ueda will be a new star in 2011, with more than sixty per cent of voters picking Ueda as their anticipated favourite, just a few days after his dominant performance in the 3-0 Saitama City Cup defeat of Urawa Reds. In second and third place were two of the goalscorers from that match, ex-Oita Trinita youngster Keigo Higashi finishing in the runners up spot and South Korean defender Kim Yong Gwon in third. All in all there is reason for optimism off the back of this trio of players, all of whom have the potential to play a significant part in the development of Omiya as a top division club. The full results of the vote are as follows:

Q. Who will be the best new player in 2011?

1. Kota Ueda 63%
2. Keigo Higashi 21%
3. Kim Yong Gwon 15%
4. = Yosuke Kataoka 0%
4. = Shintaro Shimizu 0%
4. = Daigo Watanabe 0%



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