Monday, 5 March 2012

Brand New Readers' Survey: Vote Now!

There's less than a week to go now until the start of the J1 season and Omiya are putting the finishing touches to their preparations ahead of Sunday's 2012 opener against FC Tokyo. In some respects it's been a curious winter for the Squirrels - they've bought relatively big to bring in the likes of Carlinhos and Cho Young Cheol, but throughout the whole of pre-season have played a total of only four training games and friendlies. This lack of exposure coupled with the, let's say eccentricity, of coach Jun Suzuki as regards usage of his players makes it especially tricky to predict how the team will perform. 

Even so, it's survey time here at GGOA and the question that readers are being asked to vote on is at least theoretically a simple one: where will Ardija finish in J1 2012? Will the speedy combination of Cho and Keigo Higashi fire Omiya up to the top of the J1 standings? Will Yu Hasegawa turn out to be a top-half-of-J1 striker? Will we yet again plod along between the relegation zone and lower mid-table? Or will Suzuki's evil genius combination of Hayato Hashimoto and Yosuke Kataoka see Omiya fall on their squirrely arses back to J2? 

The glory of J-League pre-season anticipation is that we have absolutely no idea. But we can dream and we can guess. The survey box is open on the right-hand side of this page, so please get voting!



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