Friday, 9 March 2012

GGOA Readers' Survey: The Result

Well, first I should say thanks very much to everyone who voted in this GGOA readers' survey, which turned out to be the most successful poll ever conducted in the site's long and, let's face it,  strangely unhappy history. No fewer than 31 people voted to predict where Omiya will finish in J1 this season, a figure which confirms the survey as a statistically valid snapshot of not only Ardija fans but also general random people on the internet, only a proportion of whom will by definition be mad. So, as I say, a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.

So what was the result? Frankly the vote was all over the place. There is no clear picture of how Ardija are expected to perform in 2012. I mean it's practically random. 6% of respondents think we will finish in the top three. 6% of respondents think we will be relegated. I know the J-League is tough to predict, but come on, guys. Which the hell is it?

Anyway, the biggest single group of respondents, 38%, thought that Omiya are good enough to make a small improvement on every single bloody season since we reached J1, and finish between 10th and 12th. Bear in mind that 12th is our highest-ever final placing. 25% were yet more optimistic and could see the Keigo Higashi/Cho Young Cheol combination skyrocket us up to between 7th and 9th. Here's hopin'!

So here are the full survey details:

Q. Where will Omiya finish in J1 2012? 

1st-3rd: 6%
4th-6th: 9%
7th-9th: 25%
10th-12th: 38%
13th-15th: 12%
16th-18th: 6%



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